Thursday, September 4, 2014

No my DAD was not an angel

Today marks the 4th anniversary of my step-dad's daeth from pancreatic cancer.  I posted about it on facebook and I got some replies that irritate me. Some people thinks the one who died is my natural It was my step father and he was wonderful. I don't want to hear how terrific my natural dad was in taking care of my mother in all her troubles. My natural dad beat my mom senseless and was a drunken pedophile. My step-dad loved both me and my mom and took very good care of us. I wish he had been my real dad. I loved him so much. I spent the last  weeks of his life taking care of him while he was dying. Not his natural 4 children....but me. I did the best I could for him in his last moments. We had real good talks about the past, the present and the future. He is the one I will always consider my dad. My natural father could go to Hell.I don't care. My step-dad taught me about unconditional love and helped me to choose my husband of 27 years. If I had followed my natural fathers advice I would probably be dead by ow. So, Larry Lee Anderson, I respect and appreciate you. Thank you for helping me to be who I am today! I love and miss you terribly!

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  1. I agree sherry. I usually like M Knight Scmalan movies but this one is horrible. It totally gives CPTSD/DID a bad name and that angers me too. I wish people really got it too. I wish they would do an honest representation of it for those of us who live it everyday!!