Saturday, March 1, 2014


A new alter named Sky came out last week. He is a 7 year old little boy who carries some terrible memories. I know they revolve around fishing trips he took with the Father. A lot of sexual stuff happened on those trips and lots of fear. He mentioned to our T that he was held upside down over an outhouse hole and was told he would be put in that hole if he ever talked about what happened on those trips.  He was terrified and fought with all he had not to fall in the hole. He talked about the smell, the darkness and his disdain for fish. It makes sense to me now why I don't like to eat fish or the smell of fish. I thought I just din't like the taste but it appears it goes much deeper than that. It angers me to realize how evil our Father could be. How could anyone terrorize a child like that? I know the Father was abused, as well, because of the history with his own Father. His Father, our Grandpa, spent several time in prison for molesting children. The generational sin goes way back with this family. I hope I can learn more about Sky and be able to process what things were done to us. Sky said he chose his name because when the abuse would be happening he would stare at the clouds in the sky and wish he was up there too. Very sad. :(

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