Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dissociative without it possible??

Ever since I was DX'd as DID I have been on a plethora of medications....mood stabilizers, antidepressants, anxiety pills and migraine medication. Last April it was discovered I have Celiac Disease by endoscopy biposy and blood tests. I have been on a gluten free diet ever since. I have noticed I am less depressed, anxious and moody. I am still tired but it takes a long while to replenish the nutrients I was lacking such as B12, D3 and Iron. I am almost off my antidepressant completely and will be so in 2 weeks time. I am on the lowest dose of mood stabilizer and hope to get off of that soon. I still take 2 anxiety medications but that is mostly for nighttime and I think once we resolve our fears and issues surrounding the incidents that took place at night we will no longer be in need of those pills either. I can't believe that since 1991 I have been so dependent on pills for functioning and happiness as well as therapy. I can't fathom the thought of being able to live life without having to take these pills to survive. At one time of my life I was on so many pills I couldn't function properly at all because so over medicated. I used to be a huge advocate for medicating people with mental health issues and I still think there is a need in certain instances but too many people are on too much. I am glad that I am going to be free of it. I feel so much more alert and healthier off them. My insiders are relieved as well because they often times felt inhibited by the drugs and like they couldn't come out and be creative. We actually have been thinking of doing some artwork again. I haven't had the urge to paint in over a years time. I hope this stays positive and on the right path for us. If any one of us feels depressed or suicidal we will definitely go back on a antidepressant but for now things look good.

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