Monday, February 3, 2014

DID online groups.....

I ran a group for multiples for 11 years and it was a pretty smooth 11 years and we mad many long lasting friendships. The only reason we ended the groups was because we needed to focus more on our own healing and because Yahoo groups were becoming obsolete. I've been on 3 Facebook groups now and WOW all I can say is disastrous and triggering! When we had our group we had a lengthy screening process, and a group membership minimum of 50 members with a waiting list for those desiring to join. It was a way to keep the group healthy and safe. We had 2 moderators besides ourselves and regular chat sessions once a week. These groups were not moderated well, vicious attacks were allowed and lots of trolling took place. Did not feel safe at all. Quit what I thought was a great group today and feel real bad that I had to but the owner was defending Non-DID folks who were doubting multiples, attacking claims and almost mocking others in the group. I couldn't understand why the owner, who is quite famous in the multiple world, would allow and make excuses for such behavior  to continue. The only thing I can think of is that they were not strong enough to moderate a group and able to handle any conflict within in it. I have decided that online groups or even in person groups for multiples are, in general, not a good idea. Trust is such a big issue and so is validation amongst those with DID and if that is lacking controversy stirs up. If the owner of the group is not in a good place in their healing they can't be expected to run a healthy group can they? I think  one on one support on Google or Facebook is okay. But trying to gather a bunch of multiple in one place is hard to make happen. I tried joining a Google group and that was horrific. The owner/leaders of that group tried forcing their "new" philosophies about DID down our throats and if we should disagree we were reprimanded publicly. No thank you. I like having my blog. I like the feedback and support I receive. But I shall no longer be involved in DID forums. Think twice if you are asked to join one. Ask yourself where you are in your healing process. Are you at a vulnerable stage? Don't get involved. That's my best advice.

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