Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pippi opens up

Pippi finally opened up to bob and told her story to him. Reminder: She is 7 years old and her memory took place in Delaware. So, she was sent outside to play by the Mom without a shirt on and felt embarrassed but the Mom told her she was a little girl and didn't have to wear a shirt in the summer. So she reluctantly went out and rode her bike around the trailer park. Children she knew from her school laughed and taunted her when they saw her ride by with no shirt on and she felt deep shame and embarrassment. She went to find a place to play by herself and was approached by her neighbors teenage out of town visitor. She didn't know his name and felt afraid of him. He pulled her into the ditch and molested her. He kept her there abusing her until she heard the Mom calling her name to come home for lunch. He threatened her if she were to tell. She never told anyone until she told Bob. She held that secret for a very long time. She has felt deep shame and resentment toward the Mom for making her go outside shirtless. It makes sense to me now why there are times when I walk outside and I suddenly check myself because I actually feel as if I have no shirt on and I have a sense of panic. I understand it all now! She was very brave to share her story and she is in a safe place now and will never have to feel shame again!

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