Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cindy opens up to our Therapist today

Therapy was very hard today. Cindy, the new 4 year old alter, asked to talk to our T.  She told her story and I was holding her hand during that time, trying not to cry. Trying to be strong for her. She talked about when our Uncle J. would babysit her and would have bathe her. He would rub the bar of soap very hard in her vagina and it would be and feel raw. She learned not to cry or she would be held under water. One time while Uncle J. was bathing her our Uncle F. came over and caught Uncle J doing things. A confrontation broke out and Uncle F was angry and told Uncle J to stop it. Uncle J said it was not wrong and that people did it in the Bible all of the time. Then the Dad came home and all 3 started arguing all while Cindy sat in cold water in the tub. The Dad told Uncle F to leave and he eventually did. The Dad yanked Cindy out of the tub and she banged her arm hard against the sink. He threw a towel at her and he and Uncle J went and started drinking. No one dressed her and when she asked for clothes to put on she was denied. It was winter and she was so cold. She was walking around all day and all night with no clothes. No idea where the Mom was. Cindy also talked about having worms in here butt and the Mom using tape and a flashlight to gt them out?? She talked about drinking green medicine. It makes sense why we hate green candy, green drinks etc.... So much neglect, hate, abuse. Why did my parents even keep me? They should have put me up for adoption. OR why did I even survive? I was born 3 1/2 months early (in 1967 w/o technology) and weighed less than 3 pounds. I don't understand but God must have some purpose for us all. Wish I knew what it was.

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