Saturday, January 18, 2014

Am I not allowed to be happy?

I was told today that I talk about myself and my life and things in my life too much. I guess maybe some people think I seem snobbish and I certainly don't want to come across that way to people. I just get excited about things in my life when it is good or I get new things or am taking a vacation and so on. Is it wrong of me to want to share that with people? For so long I was never happy. For so long I had nothing. For so long I wasn't allowed to show my emotions. Now that I am able to I am being judged by someone who loves me. I am a genuine person. I give so much to others. I am not selfish. I am sorry I talk about the things that bring me joy as material as they may be. I know in the end those material things will remain here and I will go on. Can I please enjoy them while I have it in the here and now? I guess I need to just stop talking about my happiness. Everyone inside is so confused emotionally right now. We don't know our boundaries on some things.

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