Monday, December 2, 2013

"They did the best they could"

OMG! I can't stand when people tell me "well your parents did the best that they could at the time." What a bunch of crap! They knew what they were doing was wrong and stupid and didn't try to change a thing. Stop telling me I need to make excuses for them! That is what you are wanting me to do when you say that and I refuse to do that. I can forgive but I will not let them not be held accountable. I talked to my husband and he feels that that statement could be applicable to us but not to parents who abuse their children. So, people, please stop asking me to believe that or accept that. I refuse and it pisses me off. If it makes you feel better I feel sad for you because you are being the scapegoat. I hope you can see that by thinking they did the best they could you are merely continuing the abuse. You do not have to accept feeling this way!

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