Wednesday, November 6, 2013


A new alter emerged in therapy today. His name is Toad and he is a 12 year old boy. Apparently, his role was to bring other children home for the Father to molest. The Father would tell him what kind of girl he wanted and Toad would befriend that type and invite her over to the house for a sleepover and then they would take baths together and the Father would watch under the door with a mirror. Toad would take Polaroid pictures of the girls naked for the Father and eventually the girls would be tricked into being left in the bedroom with him alone. The Father would then molest those girls and threaten them if they told and Toad would also threaten them in ways that would humiliate them in front of other people. Toad was never molested. The Father had no interest in him except finding other children for him. Toad would steal money from a "Toad" piggy bank in the parents bedroom as a way of getting a reward for what he was doing. The Mother would blame the Father for stealing the money to buy alcohol and the Father never denied it because he didn't know if he did or not because he was always drunk. Toad got satisfaction out of seeing the Father getting blamed for being a thief as Toad felt guilty for being a bad friend to those girls he brought over to the house. Toad was accepted into the Shadow Club Boys today and they will help him deal with all the things that he will need to learn about this new world he has come into. He is feeling very lost and confused at the moment as all new alters do when coming out of the Labyrinth for the first time.

Written by Thomas

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