Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quick blog update

I'm getting very nervous for my surgery on Friday. Everyone inside is apprehensive, as well. It is scary to be under anesthesia for 3 hours but putting our trust in God that all will go okay.
Another new alter showed up the other night. Her name is Missy and she is 4 years old and is an SRA alter. She is timid and will not talk about her memories yet. I haven't met her personally but Bob has been telling me about her and so have the others. My daughter made a comment the other day that perhaps I am creating these alters out of dreams or memories. I talked to Bob and thought about it for awhile and I don't believe that is the case. The labyrinth door was opened by Seraphim with the guidance of my Therapist. There have been alters trapped in there for years and my last T didn't know how to get them out or if they were even there at all. It is a bit overwhelming but I have made a ton of progress despite the occasional chaos.
Well, I might not have another for awhile depending on how I feel after my surgery. As soon I feel up to it I will write on to let you know how it went. Ta ta for now


  1. What is a SRA alter Sherry?

  2. It's an alter who went through Satanic Ritual Abuse