Sunday, October 6, 2013

Post Op update

My surgery went complications at all. Some of my littles came out in recovery and the nurses had to go and get Bob to calm me down. They were crying and very scared. SAMC is very good with PTSD situations as they see a lot of it from the soldiers coming back from Afghanistan. Anyhow, I have a lot of pain but the medicine does help alleviate it quiet a bit. The night I spent in the hospital was pretty awful for me and all inside. Every time we would fall asleep we had horrific dreams (memories) of occult abuse and even had a dream that Satan himself was raping us. It makes sense to me that these kinds of dreams would happen being the surgery is located in the very area where we were traumatized. The pain just brings it all back. One of the nurses told me that the anesthesia and Dilaudid could cause nightmares, as well and I had a head start of thoughts working against me.
I am home now in bed. My husband is taking such good care of me. My daughter came by today with a bucket of 380 pieces of different flavored bubblegum for me and the littles to chomp on! That was awesome of her! Good for dry mouth and boredom. I am glad things went well and now I am on the road to healing


  1. So glad to see you got though it o.k. I didn't realize you'd been traumatized there. I'm so glad you have a wonderful home to return to! :)

  2. When I said the surgery was located in the same area where we were traumatized I meant in the vaginal area.... Not the hospital. Sorry for the confusion!

  3. glad it went well and you are back at home now.