Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Apple goes bezerk

OMG....therapy was INSANE today! The hubby went in with me and little Annie came out and told the T why we wake up at 1:29 am every night and all of a sudden Apple came flying out in a rage and and started screaming at the top of her lungs that Annie was a little C**T and that she was going to get them K*LL*D and she needed to shut her mouth and so on. She flipped right out. I am sure everyone in the building heard what was happening. The T and the hubby did everything they could to calm Apple down. After about 10 minutes she got quiet and sat and cried and cried. She doesn't believe anyone that she is safe and is certain she will be H*RM*D tonight. I can't elaborate at this time what was discussed because of fear of re-triggering Apple but it was occult related. It was very, very bad and very, very scary. It is not a new memory for us but she doesn't understand that. She thinks it's the first time it's been told. As soon as things settle down we can talk more about it. Extremely tired and drained right now.


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