Monday, September 16, 2013


It's really not necessary to try to have a relationship after all of these years. I have wanted to make amends in the past but it was never well received and then you wanted to be friends on FB and I thought maybe something would come of it but then you unfriended me 1 week later without explanation. And when I sent you a picture of your newest granddaughter I received no response. When I gave you condolences about Grandma I got no response. That told me you did not want to talk. I respect that. I accept that. And I will move on. It's probably better for us both because there are underlying issues that will never be resolved unless truth were to suddenly take place on your part and I don't ever see that happening. I have made peace in my life. I have forgiven you. I have moved on and it's okay. I don't want you to feel pressured into being my Dad. I don't believe you really ever wanted that role and I am giving you an out. You have your own life and are doing your own thing with different people in it now. Let's face it, it will never be a normal relationship with you in my life . Bob will never be accepting nor will any of my family members of you and we can't magically make it happen. I have love for you as a person but do not feel bound to you as a blood family member. I hope this finds you well and you are at peace. I am and I am a strong person despite all that has gone on in my life.
Sherry et al

Free at Last

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