Sunday, September 22, 2013

Double whammy

2 new alters emerged this past week. Frustrating for me and for all the others inside but good to know that healing is taking place. The first one who emerged is named Annie and is 6 years old. Still don't know what memory she is holding as she will not talk about it with anyone. In due time she will. She just needs to gain trust with everyone inside and out. She seems very sweet and a tad shy and also very smart. As I learn more about her I will update about her.
The second alter came out last night and was extremely angry and was yelling, cussing and kicking the dogs and throwing things. She didn't want to talk to Bob or here what he had to say. She is 7 years old and definitely an SRA alter. As soon as Bob starting telling her things he knew about the others occult abuse she covered her ears in fear and begged him to stop talking. It kind of makes sense she came out about midnight right on the first day of Fall. This is the time of year that the majority of the SRA abuse took place with us. Bob was able to calm this alter down who finally gave her name as "Cunt." He told her he would not call her that and they needed to try and find a happier name. She resisted for awhile but then he started taking about fall stuff and she said she likes apples in the fall and wants her name to be Apple. Celeste came out and took over and helped settle things down and took Apple inside and wanted to explain things to her and calm things down for the night. The bad thing about this is I don't see my T until the 4th of October so we have to hang in there until then. Lord, help us if another one shows up before we see her!


  1. Looks like Bob and your alters are handling things well. I have confidence in you and your support system.
    safe hugs

  2. It's better than it was years that's for sure! Thanks for your support <3