Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pinch me.....I'm dreaming

Today in therapy it was revealed that it was Star that has been bruising me up during the night by pinching me and pinching me hard. I have horrendous bruises all over my body because she has been having such horrible nightmares and Celeste hasn't been waking her up so she has been trying to wake herself up by pinching us.  Celeste feels bad but she just doesn't have that connection with Star yet and hasn't been able to "feel" Star's dreams happening. She is going to make a conscious effort to spend time with Star so she can help her in dream-states. Star keeps having a dream where she sees our biological Father hanging by his neck in our bedroom closet and she can't get away from it. She stands there paralyzed with fear staring at him hanging there and when she breaks free to get help she finds her Mom in bed and she won't get out to help. Star is only 3 so you can only imagine how scary it all is for her. It scared me when she talked about it and drew pictures today. Instead of bruising me, hopefully she can wake up more peacefully from here on out.

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