Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quick update

Therapy today. Ginger helped Cinnamon take off her leg braces so no more leg pains but she still walks on her tip toes. Loki is working on his neck pain from his hanging. There is only so much he can do as there was actual damage done to the neck. Massage scheduled for tomorrow. Autumn is holding strong. She put a "spell" on the bigs so she could cut yesterday but did not work to her advantage. Shelley asked the therapist today if the therapist had lots of people in her head too. Nancy laughed and said not and it is a good thing because she would not be able to help us if she did. The body had shut down the past weekend because it had had enough and it was either that or disssociate so we chose to sleep it off. Smart, according to our therapist. We could of split due to so much going on but we didn't so, hey, kudos to us. Stay strong for Saturday. Family coming over so even more important to  stay whole and in control. We are okay.


  1. Wow! You have so much going so well in the midst of all the stress. Great job!

  2. that's an understatement! lol thanks