Monday, July 22, 2013

New PDoc

So, I have a new PDoc, or Psychiatrist for those who aren't familiar with that term. She is not at all like my last one but she isn't too bad. She spent an hour and 10 minutes with me and is very familiar with DID and she likes to listen to what I have to say. She took every one of my medication suggestions and that made me very happy!
I am on a higher dose of Cymbalta (160 MG) lower dose of Wellbutrin XL (150 MG) still on 5 MG of Abilify switched to 2 MG of Ativan rather than 2 MG of Klonopin nd she put me on migraine preventive medicine Topomax (50 MG starting) I hope the depression will lift and the night time anxiety will lessen. This Doctor will work, I know that already. I see her again in September.

No more real news on John John. I have an inkling from things he has said and done that he was somehow involved in child pornography of some sort or maybe witnessed it? Ivy and Moshie have been trying to talk to him to get some information about it since they were involved in that stuff. I think he witnessed something more than participated but we'll see. Hopefully he will talk to our therapist on Wednesday.

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