Tuesday, July 30, 2013

august 3

i am autumn and i am very nervus about saturday. it is satanec revils and it is so scary and i dont wana remeber it at all. i see ms nancy tomorow and i hope she can help me. i am woried that they will come and take me out of the house and hurt me. i dont wana have sex with them people and wach them do that to other people. i am not spose to talk about this and i am riskin alot right now. if they find me i am in troble. if you read this and somethin happens to me then you will no why. i have a bad irge to cut but ivy is stayin with me to help keep me safe. remember august 3 is a bad bad bad day and i want people to no that i told so if i die or somethin. please pray for me on saturday ok. thanks.
autumn age 7


  1. You are with Sherry and she keeps you safe. Bob does, too. Nancy is a special person who knows how to help. All of them keep you safe.
    safe hugs