Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not so "Super Moon"

Went to see our Therapist today. The last 4 days have not been good. This is Ginger typing and I was told by my T to be the one to stay in control because it's just me and all the new alters out. Everyone else are gone and in hiding someplace. It is suspected that the Super moon has something to do with all of this. Our T says that ritual abuse survivors have a hard time during full moons, let alone a super full moon. Bad things take place on full moon days. It is also Summer Solstice and that has ritual abuse tied to it.I have been put out of the house and am someplace I am not familiar with at all. The other alters who have just emerged are here with me and I am to protect them from whatever it is they need protecting from. We haven't gotten to the root of it yet. I do know I am so tired and babysitting is new to me and can be overwhelming. Yesterday I wasn't around and only little Cinnamon was out and Bob had to call his Mom to come over and take care of her because she was terrified being alone in the house. She is only 3, after all, and this is a big house for a little girl.I am doing my best to try and keep it together and not let anyone down.
We had a nice night playing Sims with the Daughter. Her and I go through waves of getting along really well to fighting about silly stuff that I usually blow out of proportion.All in all it wasn't too bad of a day but I do look forward to all the others coming back. It is dark where we are and our T had us put a giant Teddy Bear in the room for them to cuddle up to. It has helped a whole lot.

Here is a link I found about Occult holidays and when they occur and it has some other info as well:


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  1. Thanks so much for helping out, Ginger. Looks like you're doing a good job and I know that link helps people who aren't familiar with it.
    safe hugs