Saturday, June 22, 2013

I won't put up with negative energy

I am not going to let people make me feel bad anymore. I'm sick of certain people in my life belittling me, disrespecting me, putting me down and being plain out rude to me because I'm part of the family.That does not give a person license to hurt me more because I am their blood relative. I was hurt over and over by words and actions of others most of my life and I won't stand for it anymore. If the people who say they love me can't show the "proof in the pudding" than I guess I need to distance myself from them. I don't want to do that but if it's hurting me all of the time because I'm apparently "dramatic" because I have emotions then I guess I need to let go some.
It upsets me because I feel lonely enough in my life and now I will just feel worse. It doesn't matter, I suppose, I will just find something else to fill the void. Or someone. I am very insecure and sensitive and I need to surround myself with nurturing people who I don't question their love for me

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