Sunday, May 19, 2013

What? Dejavu or just repeating history

I know that forgetfulness is common among normal people but it is really bad with people with DID. I get so frustrated when family members tell me that I've told them things already or that they have told me things and I don't remember. A lot of it is due to all the switching that takes place. An alter can talk about something and then I go to talk about the same thing but everyone has heard it already. Another factor is all the medication I take. My psych meds are not so bad but the incontinence medicine I take plays with my head. I have very vivid dreams since I started it and my husband has noticed I forget simple things very quickly. I have to say, though, that most of my asking to repeat something or forgetting something is because of all the inner distraction that goes on every day of my life. It is getting better co-communicating but it is always like there is furniture being moved around in my head. I can't hear people! And with the appearance of new alters it makes things more chaotic and it's a big deal if I remember to brush my teeth in the morning. All I as of people who know me is to please be patient with me. Don't get upset or frustrated because I forgot or I have already told you this story before. I know it is frustrating for you but put yourself in my world for just one minute if you can and try to imagine what I go through. I apologize to anyone with whom I bore with my same old same old stories. It may be the first time I have ever told you. I don't know what others inside have said before me.


  1. Co-consciousness helps but you still have an amazing amount of information to keep track of and then you have normal daily distractions on top of that! Most people have no idea of what it's like. I remember a cop talking to Debra about training for dealing with DID - they had someone standing in front speaking to them while another 2 stood at the sides with a paper towel tube speaking into their ears. That can help people begin to appreciate what goes on.
    Then everyone wants you to act like they are the only one you hear.