Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The arrival of Holly

A new alter made her appearance at 1:00 am this morning. She was freaking out because of the storm and was alone upstairs and didn't know where she was. She found Bob and woke him up and he was confused thinking it was an alter he already knew so he kept telling her to come to the bed and she was getting really upset because she didn't know Bob and didn't want him to make her go to the bed because he might hurt her. He finally realized it was someone new and when he got out of bed she started running and went and hid. He had to convince her over and over he would not hurt her. This is all from what Bob has told me as no one has met her yet except him and the Therapist. Bob worked from home today so he could watch over Holly and take her to her appointment.
Bob named here Holly because she didn't have a name and was wearing Hollister sweat pants at the time. so they agreed that would be her name. She is about 6 years old and holds memories of a dog being killed with a shovel and buried in front of her. She thinks it has to do with her being punished for being allergic to the dog or something....I don't know. Bob says she is very nice and very smart. She is amazed at all the technology and changes in the world. She fell asleep in 1973 and woke up 40 years later to a whole different life. I feel this is only the beginning to a wave of new alters coming forward. Bracing ourselves!