Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pinching and Biting Birdie

At therapy today Mary and my T discussed why they thought Birdie bites and pinches people all the time. Well, for one Birdie is continually putting a block in her mouth so her jaws hurt and when the block is removed she feels like biting because the pain in her jaws is tremendous  Mary is supposed to help her massage her jaws if she puts a block in her mouth to show her how much better it could feel. We also found out why birdie likes to pinch. The Dad would pinch her and if she cried he would slap her and tell her to stop crying because it was funny. So now when birdie pinches she always laughs when she does it. Our brain is rewired all wrong. It now makes sense to me why I laugh at inappropriate things and events. Birdie is afraid to cry and likes to say "I's trickin" and then pinch whomever and doesn't understand why they respond in a negative way. It makes her mad! The T told her today when she gets mad she can keep her thumb in her mouth and stomp her feet. It's a safe way to release the anger. Birdie was a little worried when told she could do this as she might get a spanking. Our T assured her this would not happen so she agreed to try it. I can't wait until the day I meet Birdie and Punkin'head. I want to have coconsiousness with them but our T says it is a hard task because of the language barrier. But we will get there!

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  1. Glad to read of progress with Birdie. Every little step helps.