Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Zealand is stealing my Shrink

My Psychiatrist told me today that she is leaving her private practice to move to New Zealand and run a Methadone clinic for addicts :( I have been with my P-Doc for 7 years. I really, really love her. She was the best Doctor I have ever had since my diagnosis 22 years ago. There are so many P-Doc's out there who don't take the DID diagnosis seriously and totally brush it aside. I've had Doctors treat me terribly saying they hate the word ALTERS and I was looking for attention and so on. My P-Doc that I have now is listed as one of the top 10 Doctors in San Antonio and that says so much because there are thousands of Psychiatrists in this area. Not only did my Doctor validate me and my diagnosis but she treated me with dignity and respect. She told me the truth and was always aiming for a solution to any problems I was having. Her ultimate goal for me was to get me OFF medications! Never has a Psychiatrist suggested that to me. She told me I can retrain my brain by going to intense cognitive behavior therapy. I feel honored and privileged to have had her as my Doctor. She has me set up with another P-Doc in the office with whom she said will be a good match for me. I dread starting over with my history and all that jazz. Hopefully she can go by my current Doctors notes and I won't have to start from scratch. I asked my Doctor to take me with her to New Zealand but of course I was kidding. I did tell her that the people there were going to receive the best care because she would be there. She hugged me good bye and I cried part of the way home. If you are not close to your Therapist of P-Doc it would be hard for you to understand the relationship one builds with them. You share your most intimate thoughts of your life with them and they listen to you and care. At least mine do. So begins a new chapter in my Psych history.........

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  1. You survived another chapter! I'm eager for you to begin this new one. You are an inspiration as you share your journey through healing.