Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kudo's to me.......Ginger

I feel so validated and happy from my therapy appointment. I told my therapist how I fought back after 3 attempted rapes and she told me that I was more than a sexual part of Sherry. she said I was a protector part and I saved everyone inside by fighting back, I had a hard time accepting the thanks she had everyone tell me but I can't felt nice to be appreciated. At the times of the attempts I just had the attitude that I won't put up with this shit any longer and I am the one in control during sex. Not them. If they try to switch that up I get fierce. I decide who I want to have sex with and when and where et cetera et cetera. Not them! So, by me being this way I have done something right for a change! Like my T said, I have made really bad decisions and choices along the way but for the most part I've done a great job keeping everyone safe. YAY! Kudo's to me and it feels so good :)