Monday, April 22, 2013

I was doing ummmm what?

I hate when I am in a middle of a task and I forget what I am doing. I get so distracted my the noise in my head! My daughter-in-law was here today and I kept forgetting things I wanted to say or do when she was here. I worry that she is not going to want me to watch the grand kids because of my disorder. This is why I can't work. I make so many mistakes and am so forgetful. My family is forever telling me "We know. You've told us this already." That may be but it wasn't;'t me doing the telling. I miss out on the opportunity to tell them because someone else inside has shared it already. Soooooo frustrating. I know "Norms" have a problem with forgetfulness as they get older but mine is different. Plus I take medicines that cause memory problems. The latest pill I take called Detrol cause vivid dreams and forgetfulness. I just want to know what I am doing at all times and who said what and when. Here is a joke of what my life is like:

    Ok, so who's out first?
    No Who was out yesterday.
    Yes, Who.
    Ok, I'm asking you who was out and you're telling me Who?
    Yes, Who.
    Well who are you?
    I'm not Who, I'm Nobody.
    But you can't be nobody - you have to be somebody.
    No, Somebody's generally angry.
    Who is angry?
    No, Who is happy.
    Angry is also angry.
    Of course angry is angry, but you're definitely somebody.
    No, I'm Nobody.
    Ok, let me see if I have this.... you're no one..
    No, I'm Nobody.... No One was out this morning.
    No one was out?
    Yeah, No one.
    Well if no one was out, who was I talking to?
    No One.
    No - No One.
    Something's wrong here....
    No, Something has been sleeping for a while.
    Who has been sleeping?
    No, Something has been sleeping. Who was out yesterday.
    But something has to be someone, doesn't he?
    No, Someone is a he, Something is a she.
    Huh is asexual.
    Yeah, Huh.
    Excuse me, I'm going to commit suicide.


  1. Okay I found the conversation funny... That said, I have full confidence in you watching the kids. Even though you may forget what you are about to say or do. I know you are a great memaw and I have no doubt in my mind when you are watching the kids. Kids and chores are different. ^.^

  2. Okay thanks. I feel better knowing that :)