Thursday, January 24, 2013

working hard or hardly working? Neither

I am considering, after I am back in therapy for awhile, about getting a job. YIKES! I am not a person who can hold a job well. My last job I had my boss knew I was DID and was very, very understanding about my mood shifts, mistakes and so on. I have been nervous and afraid about trying to get another job since. Every job I have ever had minus the last one I have been fired from. So, I am thinking about going to DARS (Department of Rehabilitation Services) or Goodwill and see if they can help me. They are great at matching up jobs with the types of disorders or illnesses a person has. I need low stress but I like to be around people. I did great as a Chiropractic Assistant. The patients and I got along well and they were genuinely sad to see me leave when we had to move.

I think I need to be in this new therapy for awhile and learn to get total cooperation from all the insiders and be i n control of myself at all times.It's going to have to be a job that everyone inside enjoys and looks forward to doing every day. that is how it was when we were a Chiro Assistant. We loved the job...,all of us did and our boss was our friend before we even got the job so that made a difference. I am going to have to think of some skills and talents we have to offer this world.Sitting at home now without any kids here is depressing. All I have to look forward to is waiting for my husband to come home. I do have my grandchildren and that's great but I need to feel like I'm really doing something with my life or I will end up in a deep depression again. Can't have that!

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