Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Therapist is the Bomb!

My new Therapist is AWESOME  I can tell she is very educated in DID and she has dedicated the past 20 some years to this disorder  She doesn't feel integration is best and she listens very well and comes up with plans and goals! I felt a connection with her instantly. She made us feel safe by giving us a hug pillow to hold against our chest while we talked. She let alters come out if they wanted to and didn't push it. She spend quite awhile with Ginger. She wants to work with Ginger because she definitely needs a new role and has to find a way to feel loved that doesn't involve sex only. Being Ginger is bi-sexual makes things complicated for us but I have confidence this Therapist will have some good insight and ideas on how to help her cope. My nervousness was all for naught because I am in very good hands! My next 4 appointments are set  and I feel optimistic for a change. My last Therapist was not bad or anything it is that we just reached a plateau we couldn't seem to get past. I say now we move ONWARD!


  1. Wonderful! I'm so glad for you. I'm eager to see what ideas she has for Ginger.
    How did you meet her?

  2. That is awesome :) good luck with it! JLS