Saturday, January 26, 2013

I'm a mean girl

I am a mean girl. I have always been a mean girl. I don't know why I can't be nice? I do okay for awhile and then I always end up hurtful, hateful and mean. I was all for for going into the hospital last night when Bob suggested it but then I know the history of this hospital I'd be going to and it isn't pretty. He stayed up all night (until 5:00am) to keep everyone safe from me. I so wanted to throw it all away and bring everyone down with me. I verbally abused Bob for hours and hurt his heart and at the time I didn't care. I hurt the daughter's feelings.....again. I basically am disliked by all and I guess I'm destined to remain the mean, bad girl. I hope the new therapist can help me or else what is the point of life?


  1. If you make mistakes, just apologize for them. And when you're out - you need to let others know because you're ruining my relationship with mom - maybe mom feels everything is fine but to me it's not. If you want to be a "nice girl" then try to be one and when you mess up, own up to it and apologize to those you hurt.

  2. Bob knew I was out when we went out to eat. He promised not to tell you it was me because I know you don't like me. I am sorry I pissed you off again. Sherry didn't even know what was going on because she was asleep and didn't find out until we went to bed and Bob was going to take us to a hospital. I don't do good at being a nice girl. I've tried and I fuck it up every time. No one ever wants to be around me unless they are guys. So I'm sorry if I am wrecking your relationship with your Mom. I guess I'm just jealous and have a lot of anger issues to work on.