Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pee Story

I was so humiliated tonight, I set my wine glass down on the sink because I had to pee so bad and I couldn't hold it and I peed my pants. The horrible thing about is was my hubby got mad that I spilled the wine and didn't care about it and was more concerned with me peeing my pants. I am so ashamed that I am peeing in my pants again. He doesn't seem to get it. I had surgery to correct tis problem but it only worked for 3 months. I am going to have to have it again. Not happy. I wish he would understand the embarrassment. I feel like such an old lady..


  1. I understand.
    Bob knows about your surgery and what it was for. He's got a problem now. The embarrassment comes from the shame he made you feel. You have no reason to feel shame for what your body does without your control. Take it from me, your incontinent friend.

  2. I am sorry for how awful you felt. It is embarrassing and does make you feel humiliated. I didn't have any surgery or anything that we know of physically wrong but at times will pee the bed. My therapist thinks it's little ones, and we have no co consciousness with any. The Dr. thinks is psychiatric. No matter what it is it isn't something we desire or want to do and or feel it's embarrassing and humiliating to be this age and having that happen. Our mom put a plastic sheet on the spare bed where we sleep after that, made us feel horrible. And she does suffer incontinence problems during the day herself. She doesn't have abuse history much, some emotional from my sperm donor.
    I hope you can be kind to yourselves. You are the one that is important not the stupid wine!!! Hang in there!
    safe, gentle, comfy hugs if you want them,
    LaurieAnn and lots of lost, angry, hurt and abandoned littles