Saturday, November 10, 2012


        This to shall pass and my life will be better.
         I am a worthy and good person.
    I am doing the best I can, given my history and level of current awareness
    Like everyone else, I am a fallible person and at times will make mistakes and learn from them.
    What is, is.
    Look at how much I've accomplished, and I am still progressing.

    There are no failures only different degrees of success.
    Be honest and true to myself.
    It is okay to let myself be distressed for awhile.
    I will remain engaged and involved instead of isolating and withdrawing during this situation.
    I am not helpless. I can and will take the steps needed to get through this crisis.
    This is an opportunity, instead of a threat. I will use this experience to learn something new, to change my direction, or to try a new approach.
    One step at a time.
    I can stay calm when talking to difficult people.
    I know I will be okay no matter what happens.
    He/She is responsible for their reaction to me.
    This difficult/painful situation will soon be over.
    I can stand anything for a while.
    In the long run who will remember or care?
    Is this really important enough to become upset about?
    I don't really need to prove myself in this situation.
    Other people's opinions are just their opinions.
    Others are not perfect, and I won't put pressure on myself by expecting them to be.
    I cannot control the behaviors of others, I can only control my own behaviors.
    I am not responsible to make other people okay.
    I will respond appropriately, and not be reactive.
    I feel better when I don't make assumptions about the thoughts or behaviors of others.
    I will enjoy myself, even when life is hard.
    Don't sweat the small stuff--it's all small stuff.
    My past does not control my future.
    I choose to be a happy person.
    I am respectful to others and deserve to be respected in return.
    There is less stress in being optimistic and choosing to be in control.
    I am willing to do whatever is necessary to make tomorrow better.


  1. These are all good things to remember. Now I just have to remember in my head And my heart.

  2. post sticky notes around your house with the affirmations on them to help you remember :)