Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The ABC's of DID

A ~ Is for Accountable. I am accountable for my recovery, my behaviors, and my self-esteem.
B ~ Is for Inner Beauty. There is a lot of beauty in all of us. It doesn't matter what we look like as long as we stay beautiful inside we can make it through anything.
C ~ Is for Choices. Today we have choices. We don't have to allow others to make choices for us. We are an adult, and can make decisions for ourselves. The challenge is to figure out the best choice for us today.
D ~ Is for Determination. We are totally determined to get well. Nothing is going to stop us.
E ~ Is for Empowerment Learning that we have power today is one of the most important things. As long as we don't give our power away we can do anything.
F ~ Is for Forgiveness. Learning to forgive myself is the beginning key to gaining self- esteem. We all make mistakes. When we can learn to forgive ourselves, then we can begin to forgive others.
G ~ Is for Gratitude. As long as I can thankful for the things that I do have, the things that I gain will be appreciated much more.
H ~ Is for Humble. Staying humble teaches all of us to be the best we can be. When we can no longer be humble, we can not be honest with ourselves.
I ~ Is for Interest in life. If I take an interest in life, I have hope. I have something to do and I can continue to learn and grow.
J ~ Is for Judgment. Being judgmental is not always a bad thing. It makes me who I am today. I can always change my judgments.
K ~ Is for Knowledge. Knowing what you are dealing with gives you power to make choices. Learning new ideas opens my eyes to new things and ways to live.
L ~ Is for Lousy. Sometimes really lousy things happens to good people. I can't change the past. I can change the future. At times I will feel lousy but it will help me to enjoy the progress being made.
M ~ Is for Malleable. To stay malleable is giving me the power to change. As long as I stay willing to change anything is possible.
N ~ Is for Nerve. It is always good to have the nerve to face the things you want to run from. It takes a lot of nerve to get well.
O ~ Is for Open-minded. As long as I keep an open mind I have room to grow and stay teachable.
P ~ Is for Permission to make mistakes. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect.
Q ~ Is for Questioning my thinking and behaviors. As long as I question how I think and act, I have room for change. When I stop questioning then there is no room for growth.
R ~ Is for Respect. Learning to respect myself and demand it from others makes me a Worthy person. I need to realize I have worth and I should receive the same respect I give to others.
S ~ Is for Spiritual. Keeping in touch with my spiritual side will only bring good things like support, success, and positive self-talk.
T ~ Is for Trusting myself. Learning to trust my gut reactions will me learn to be more trusting of others.
U ~ Is for Unwilling to give up. Bad days come alone. As long as I don't give in and give up, I am A winner.
V ~ Is for a Valuable Voice. My voice is most valuable because I can now speak out when I need to. I don't have to sit by and be a victim. I am now a survivor.
W ~ Is for Willingness to share. As long as I am willing to share what I have learned I keep those skills. I must be willing to give it away to keep it.
X ~ Is for eXtraordinary. I have been given and extraordinary gift to help me cope.
Y ~ Is for Yearning. I have a yearning to be well. That gives me the strength to face each day and go one step further.
Z ~ Is for Zealous for self-acceptance. Zealous for self-acceptance is my drive. It will bring peace to my life when I can accept myself just as I am. I will continue to work for this, as I AM NO QUITTER.

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  1. This is very encouraging and enlightening. Thank you for sharing this. :)