Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dreams and Mathematics

I had a really sad dream this morning. My step-father came to me and told me he was disappointed in me because I didn't continue my schooling. I got defensive in my dream and was comparing all his other kids and how they didn't either. But then he told me I was special and could do more with my life. I started to cry and told him what was holding me back was having to take math in order to get a degree. I have such a mathematical phobia that it is the truth in waking hours, too. Maybe I was supposed to keep going but how can I get over the phobia? I don't know. I have an old friend from high school who also had the same fear and she just did her math class and got help for her phobia and received an A. I feel a little inspired by her and think that maybe if I pay for someone to teach me math I could actually do it. I listen to my dreams and if my step-dad wants me to better myself  maybe I should pay attention. Gives me something to think about.

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