Sunday, August 5, 2012

What does that mean?

We thought it would be useful to give you some meanings to the words that are used when discussing DID. These are our own definitions.
Alternate personality. Not the natural born person but one created. 
Being Out
The alter who is in control of the body. 
Older alters. 
Being aware of others who are out, feeling their feelings, etc. 
Crowding out
The presence of 2 or more alters out at the same time. Trying to be the one in control. 
Dead alters
Alters that were created for a short moment and then not needed any longer. Perhaps when a multiple is startled by someone. 
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Formerly known as multiple personality disorder. Diagnosed when there is a presence of more than 2 distinct personalities. 
Stands for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 4th edition. DID is listed in there. 
Abbreviation for False Memory Syndrome. 
False Memory Syndrome
When a person has supposedly been given memories about abuse that did not happen to them. Many feel that therapists are to blame. People who believe in this do not believe that dissociative identity disorder exists. While there is documented cases of FMS they are rare. It is not a recognized diagnoses by DSM-IV. 
Feeling focused and present. 
A technique used to stay present and in control by the host. This can be done by using relaxation, focusing on a word, distracting oneself, etc. 
Term given to the person who is the natural born personality. 
House, system, network, world, etc
used to describe where the alternate personalities are at inside. Also used to describe the entire group of alters. 
The merging of all the personalities into one. A much debated issue. It should really be up to the person who is living with DID and the alters. If all do not agree on integration then it should not be forced. Respect should be given to the choice of not integrating. 
the children inside. 
Losing Time
Being unaware of what you have been doing while others are out. Not knowing how you got somewhere or that it's hours later then you thought. 
Two or more personalities. 
Being multiple. 
Multiple Personality Disorder
See Dissociative Identity Disorder 
A word used to describe a person in a multiple system. 
Round table discussion
A place where all the alters meet inside to discus problems, rules and ask questions. 
Causing harm to oneself. A way some multiples cope when they feel numb, angry, scared, etc. 
A person who does not have more than one personality. 
A person who overcame and survived abuse. 
The act of one personality outwardly taking over for another. 
Trigger Warning
A warning placed on websites, forums or e-mails to let the reader know that some content may cause great emotion, switching, fear, etc. A courtesy given to survivors. 
Something that causes us to switch, panic, get sick, have fear. Stems from memories of the abuse. It could be a smell, touch, sound, etc. 
Having vague recollection while an alter is out. Like looking through clouds and hearing voices in the distance.

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