Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a hitchhiker and a killer

A post in a DID group conjured up a memory from Hannah. It is very upsetting to me as this is the first I've even heard about this and it seems unbelievable but i know its true. Hannah is very upset and now I am, as well. The memory is from Delaware and a friend that we played with asked us to come over and said her dad felt like taking us out and about. We got  in their station wagon and the dad was driving around with the windows down and we ended up out in the country. The dad saw a girl hitchhiker and picked her up. We then drove on and he was in the front chatting with her and we ended up pulling off to a wooded area. The dad said "stay here" to us and he and the hitchhiker walked away from the car. It seemed like we sat there forever and then we saw movement in the woods. The dad was having sex/raping the girl.. She was screaming like crazy and the friend and I just looked at each other and we both didn't know what to do. We looked over because the girl was quiet and lying still. He was punching her in the face and choking her. We then spotted a spider in a small web in the corner of the window of the car. We became transfixed on that spider and vaguely remember the dad getting back into the car. He was alone. We do not know for sure if he killed that girl but we sense that he did. It is all too much. I only remember the back of his head. He had medium-long sandy brown hair and was wearing a bandanna headband that was red. All I remember of the friend was brownish-red hair and freckles and the teeth were crooked. I don't know if we ever played with her again after that. Somehow we had the fear in us not to tell. Not even our approving -of abuse, cat killing father. It is all surreal and I /we all feel sick now. I wish my Mom were alive so I could talk to her about this friend and see if she remembered who I was talking about. It would really help to have some validation to know that we aren't mad.


  1. You've had enough horrors validated through your life to know you're not mad. I always trust what you tell me is your experience.
    Big hugs.

  2. Thank you for saying that. I sometimes forget that.