Friday, July 27, 2012

Dream a little dream for me

I believe dreams speak to us and it is important to acknowledge what they are telling us. Most dreams seem crazy and chaotic but if you write your dreams down in a journal as soon as you wake up you can analyze them when you are more alert. Dreams are therapy for us in our downtime. If we didn't dream I believe we would all go mad. During waking hours we are so focused on so many different activities going on that we don't do a lot of problem solving when it's needed. We ignore issues that bother us, bite our tongues and so forth. Most of what we shove aside will surface in our dreams somehow. It's important to resolve the problems in our dreams so it doesn't carry over to our new day. My dreams affect my mood for the entire day if I don't figure out what was being presented to me. Dreams are HEALING! After my parent's passed away I had a lot of dreams about them and cried buckets both in my sleep and when waking up. I started listening to what my parent's would be saying to me and it helped in my grieving process to know that they were consoling me in a way I could understand. I have never had a problem remembering what I dreamed about the night before. I have a very active mind and imagination, which if you know anything about DID, makes perfect sense. I always dream in color and mostly in the 3rd person point of view. What makes my dreams interesting is the fact that not only will I be dreaming but sometimes my alters dreams will run into mine. Makes for a very curious and often time confusing scenario. I understand that is a clear sign that I have work to do in my therapy with that alter and the dream will ultimately give clues to what that is. Some of my dreams are memories and play out just like how they happened to me years ago. It can be very scary but I have been trained how to "control" my dreams. For example, if someone scary is chasing me from my past I have learned to stop, in my dream, turn around and yell at that person and show them I'm not afraid of them. They always shrivel down to nothing or become small as mice and end up running from me! It took a lot of time and focus to be able to control the fear in my dreams. I do have times I can't muster up the technique of confrontation and awake in a panic. That is rare, though.
I'd love to hear about your dreams and how you use them! I am fascinated by them :)


  1. My dreams are rare, by that I mean I rarely have them. if I do have them now they are more like telling me something in the future. it may not play the same way in the dream, but it feels like dejavu for me. other times its a message or a connection to someone. again I rarely have dreams.

  2. It's a proven fact that everyone dreams every night. You just done't remember them.

  3. In my hardest and darkest years I would have the most disturbing dreams, for the first time in color and could remember them like it was a movie I watched on TV, in the dreams I knew I was dreaming and was still horrified as it played out. I would wake up crying from just how graphic and scary they were, I literally couldn't get past them until I wrote them down. Years later looking at these dreams I see now what they were trying to tell me, subconciously, I was too afraid then to take them out and process them in a healthy positive way.
    Since I was a kid I would have vivid dreams about mundane activities, but so real and very memorable. Days, Months, years can pass and I'll be doing something very ordinary, and I get this bad feeling of someone walking over a grave. I instantly stop what I'm doing, terrified to move forward because I remember the dream but I can't remember how the dream ended just the feeling I had while I was dreaming. So this feeling of dread washes over me and I'm afraid that whatever I do next will be the thing that determines the chain reaction. I had a dream days before David P was tragically killed, I remember I was at a Edlings funeral home and looking down at my then current boyfriend and screaming in pain, asking why did they make his mustache that way, it wasn't how he wore it,it was all wrong!! A few days later I was with Paula spending the night and she got the news of David, I still didn't put the two together, not until I went to his viewing. That was my first experience at tragedy and loss. Since then it has happened several other times. I dreamt my daughter called me screaming about something horrible, I remember the feeling of dread again, a loss so profound it crippled me, but I couldn't understand what she was saying because she was screaming so loud! I told my husband about it the next day, got choked up as I explained the feeling I got. A couple day later I was at work, the news was on in the background and they kept talking about Joplin, MO and it wasn't registering, and someone said wow, 1000's are dead and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I walked out called Michael and told him what I had heard and was paralyzed with fear. 4 hours later we found out that we were some of the blessed people, all 4 girls were accounted for and safe, all having some near death expereince.
    This has happened several times throughout the years, it's hard to weed out the ones that I shouldn't worry about from the ones I should. I pray like a kid hiding under the blankets when I get that feeling now, I refuke Satan trying to scare me and doubt my Savior, GET BEHIND ME! It seriously freaks me out sometimes and I really have to say this to get past the sick feeling.
    So the long of it I guess since I tend to ramble Sherry is that I agree with you, what a wonderful gift to be able to take issues in your life you know about or don't have a clue are there and can deal with them in a superhero way! I found real peace when you spoke of the healing you recieved through your dreams with the loss of your parents, when I'm in that situation I pray the same is true for my siblings and I. I believe that dreams play a subliminal force in how we conduct ourselves. Some of the worse dreams I had was when I was on Anti-depressent medication, omg the nightmares! Some of the best, most vivid, most memorable and happy was when I was taking Chantex to quit smoking. I almost quit on it, but would have LOVED LOVED LOVED to keep taking it for the rest of my life if I could keep having those dreams!! Keep on keeping Sherry, I love hearing from you, I'm so thankful for a reconnection!

  4. Thanks Trudy! You have a lot of premonition dreams like I do. I dreamed about the Ramstein Air Show disaster for months before it happened and didn't want to attend the air show. My husband pleaded with me to go. So, I went and all day kept saying something is going to happen soon and it was irritating him. Then the last show of the day was the Italian air team doing their heart shaped flyover and about 15 seconds before the crash I turned to Bob and said, "What happens when their wings touch?" and then 3 of the planes clipped wings and crashed and he looked at me in shock. I felt guilty like I should have told someone but who have listened to me? Hundreds of people died that day in front of me and I will never doubt my intuition ever again. That was only one and a major example of what my dreams have told me. Glad to know people don't think I'm a kook to be interested in dreams!