Sunday, June 24, 2012


No one is going to hurt my child without me getting riled up about it. This psycho witch is attacking my daughter verbally and almost physically and I will not put up with this. I know my daughter is 18 but she is still my child and I will fight to the death for her. Why is it so threatening for my daughter to be happy with her fiance? Why can't people either be supportive or just shut the hell up and deal with it?! I was so close to going over to this woman's house and punching her but thankfully my husband calmed me down enough where I realized I would be going to jail otherwise. I'm so angry right now my stomach is in knots and my chest is tight. I haven't felt true hatred in a very long time. I don't even like the word hate but this is one time the word is the only one that is fitting for my feelings. Dislike is to gentle a word for me to use when describing how I feel about this person. I have disliked her strongly in the past but now it's pure hate I have. She better not even try to wreck the wedding or I will make sure she is arrested and has to deal with legal problems. This is going to be interesting from here on out.


  1. You have my support. If needed I will help and stand up with you. Hopefully, she does not make a huge scene.

  2. Sherry, is there any way you can get a restraining order to prevent her from coming to the wedding although I KNOW that would hurt Josh? Or does he see your side of this issue? I feel so bad for you and Taylor. Neither of you deserve this. I am so very sorry you are going through this. Attract more flies with honey, easier said than done I know, but will keep her guessing what you're up to. Is there anything I can do to help? Please let me know. I love you and your family very much. You are all in my thoughts daily! Keep the faith and be strong for yourself and Taylor! hugs and love, Sue

  3. Thanks Monkeybutt! :)

    Anonymous, I would only do that if she physically did something to one of us. It all sucks! We love ya too!