Sunday, May 6, 2012

A different perspective

Tonight I am going to list the things I feel thankful for at this very moment. I've been doing an awful lot of complaining and it's time I look at my life in a different perspective. So here goes.

  1. Jesus/God
  2. My husband and children
  3. My grandchild and the one on it's way
  4. My home
  5. The health I have. Could always be worse!
  6. My friends 
  7. My dogs and bird
  8. That I get to go to Alaska in 3 weeks
  9. The fact I live in America
  10. Having DID and my insiders
Those are the things I can think of immediately. I know there is lots more but these are the important ones to me at the moment. Every time I get down I will think of this list and hopefully it will bring me back up.


  1. I'm glad I made the list.

    Thanks so much for being MY friend!

    safe hugs