Friday, April 13, 2012

I hate irresponsibility

I hate irresponsibility. I hate it even more when it involves taking care of animals! Our neighbor has left her dog outside from morning until night for months. It has been digging its way out of the fence and has been running loose off and on for months, as well. It barks and scratches at their door to be let in and they ignore it. Well, the dog was loose, once again, last night and I called the neighbor to tell her that she needed to answer her doorbell since my son was ringing it. It turns out she was out of town! She tied the dog by its leash to something and the dog chewed right through it and dug another hole under the fence and that's how it got out. She was asking me if I had caught her dog and she was sorry but doesn't know what to do with the dog. Her daughter is staying at a friends house and was supposed to be coming by to take care of it. Didn't happen as far as I could tell. I finally got fed up and talked to a few other neighbors about what to do and we all agreed one of us should probably call animal control. I took the initiative and did so. They came out and got the dog and brought it to the shelter. The owners can pick it up in the next few days or it goes up for adoption. I hope and pray they leave it there. I'd rather another family give it a good home. I am bracing myself for when the neighbor comes back home and gets angry with me. I dare her to because I am fed up with the whole situation. She already hates me and thinks I'm some crazy person so there's nothing I could do that could make her hate me more than she already does. I hope I did the right thing by calling animal control. I think I did and my other neighbors are backing my decision up.


  1. You know it's the right thing and so do your neighbors.
    Thanks for being a responsible person.