Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gotta have faith.....

I have a friend who is very spiritual, so much that she says she has visions and sees angels and has heard God speak to her. We have been friends for almost 20 years but she has "changed" in the past 3 years to this new person. I envy her to some aspect because I want to have a strong faith but I cannot fathom what she is experiencing and I feel like I am not close enough to God because I do not have the same life experiences as she does. I want to be close to her like we were in the past but this is separating us. Can I still go to Heaven if I don't hear God or see visions? I have witnessed angels in the past, along with my husband, so I know that it does happen. I just don't like the guilt I feel with being this persons friend because they don't think I'm headed in the correct direction. I am so confused! With all the SRA stuff we experienced as children we do know evil exists in this world. Why can't we all just surrender to God totally? Well, control is a big issue for us. We feel we have to be in control because we were so abused and when we surrendered to our abusers we gave up all control and it hurt us. Also, calling God our Father is difficult because our biological father hurt us so much. It's hard to differentiate the two. Three, God has not been responsive to a very urgent prayer we have had for many years now. We feel like we are unheard. I want to feel content in my life TOTALLY and I'm not sure how people get that. I'm not saying I hate my life because I don't. I actually feel very blessed but I have this void I feel all the time. Anyone have any input for me?


  1. You know all of the answers to your questions.
    Remember Romans 10:9.

    "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved."

    It's that simple.
    safe hugs

  2. ya but what about living as God want us to?

  3. Its all about a personal relationship with God. Understand that everyone has a different walk. Take time with God every day. Read his word. That is how we get to know him. Its just like any other relationship in our life, it takes work and time. Don't get frustrated or scared away when you don't understand someone else's walk. We don't always have to understand it. Trust what you know is true. If you are not sure, Question it. Ask God for the answer.

    Start with asking Jesus into your heart. And then spend time with him daily. (reading) I try to read at least one chapter a day, sometimes more. See what happens.. :D.
    look for the little things that he does for you daily.. Kara G.

  4. Thank you. You are absolutely right!