Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Am I crazy?

Am I crazy because I have faith in God? There are some out there that say I am. Even more so, family thinks I am. Not all of them, just a few in particular. Why is it so wrong to have faith and why are they so threatened by it? I'm not pushing my faith on anyone or by any means shoving it down their throats! They just can't be happy for me that I have found something in my life that has meaning and purpose and gives me HOPE! Call me crazy but God is in my life and he also gave me the gift of DID to help me function. I am done trying to explain myself to others. Why should I anyhow?


  1. Faith gives wonderful stability and foundation to you and your life. That's where Debra drew great strength, love and forgiveness of others. Be thankful for the gift you have found and continue to share your experience with those who are interested. :)