Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What about Bob

Today was a very special day for us. It is our 24th anniversary with Bob. It is amazing that we have been married so long, especially in today's world. The fact that Bob is married to a multiple is even more amazing  when you think of all he has had to deal with. He is our best friend, confidant, lover, protector and knight in shining armor. So many days we have daydreamed about if he would have been there to save us all those years ago. Of course, he would have been a young boy too but somehow we think he would have managed to pull it off and get us help. We all feel very safe and comfortable with him and don't like to think of life with him not in it. He is not perfect but he is as close as a man can get to being so as a husband. He listens to us talk about things he has heard a hundred times before but still stays patient and attentive to us. He is able to calm all storms that come into our life and helps us to see things in a new perspective. I pray every night for him and he prays for me. We are a team and work things out and don't give up on one another no matter how hard things may get. The biggest thing of all is we continue to get to know one another every single day and grow stronger and stronger. We all love you Bob and will through all eternity!

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