Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Introduction to the 25

This is the list of people in my system and their ages and their roles
  1. Sherry, 44- the host of the body 
  2. Ginger,15- sexuality of Sherry, self injurer
  3. Mary, 20- Nurturer of the babies (toddlers)
  4. Andrea, 23- Organizer of inside and outside projects.
  5. Punkin'head, 2- toddler. Accusing and very sad.
  6. Birdie, 3- toddler. She used to be mute but speaks very well now. Weary of men.
  7. Thomas, 40- Protector of the middles
  8. Micah, 12- Shadow club boy. Fear holder. Was formerly known as Fraidy Cat.
  9. Brett, 12- Shadow club boy. Trickster. Recently returned from dormancy.
  10. Wednesday, 12- Shadow club boy. Brave one. Recently returned from dormancy.
  11. Moshie, 12- Holds shame
  12. Ivy, 10- Holder of secrets of child porn
  13. Celeste, ageless- dream keeper, protector of Ivy
  14. Taffy 8,- Holiday time protector
  15. Middle Sherry, 8- anxiety holder of rape memories
  16. Shelley, 7- The people pleaser
  17. Hannah, 7- The keeper of pain. Very mistrustful
  18. Secret, 4- keeper of occult memory specific to one event. Very shy
  19. Little Sherry, 4- keeper of occult memory specific to one event. Talkative
  20. Loki, 4- keeper of occult memory specific to one event. Used to be named Ono. Very protective
  21. IGO, 4,- keeper of occult memory specific to one event. Used to be called Itgoeson, Self injurer.
  22. Imp 4, - keeper of occult memory specific to one event. Mischievous.
  23. Dasiy 4,- keeper of occult memory specific to one event. Used to be named Nomed. Self injurer.
  24. Candy,4- keeper of occult memory specific to one event. Likes to hide
  25. Seraphim, ageless- Protector of all the occult children. Never sleeps. Created by Loki (aka Ono)
Of course, they have a lot more to their individuality than what I listed. They are very unique and distinct, though the littles tend to seem a lot alike so it is hard for our husband to tell which one is usually out. Most have their own handwriting and likes/dislikes of certain things. They are getting stronger and more cooperative with me as time goes by. We have an awesome Therapist who works extremely well with all of the alters. Trust is a major issue for us and we have come along way with learning it is okay to trust some people.
I have most of everyone's memories with the exception of Birdie, Punkin'head and Hannah. I am currently working on trying to get co-conscious with them. It takes time, patience, energy and healing to get there. I have the memories of the occult abuse but I tend to push it out and back on to the littles. It is just too much for me to handle compared to any of the other abuse memories.