Friday, September 2, 2011

I am not possessed!

Once again we have run into someone who has the thinking that people with DID are demonically possessed. Come on people! Just because someone has the ability to separate themselves from trauma does not mean they are evil, possessed, crazy or going to Hell.  I truly believe that God gave me this creative coping mechanism and I am thankful for all my alters even on bad days. Life is not always easy with DID but it is a life I have lived with for most of my life. Things do get better and there is cooperation in the system now and I couldn't imagine life any other way. I am a Christian. I pray every night, read my Bible and know I am going to Heaven when I die. People who are claiming to be Christian and then turn around and judge me and say my DID is sinful or I am possessed hurt me very much. It also angers me! I have had enough hurt in my life with my abusers thatI don't need someone telling me these things. God loves me and His Son loves me. I have always been taught that Christians are not supposed to make others feel bad or judge others. How do they know what my eternity is going to be. Only God knows that and He promises me a place in Heaven. I am so sick of people who claim to be so close to God yet they aren't willing to accept that mental disorders are not a sign of weakness of faith. I've been told that if I only believed better or harder that I would not have DID or depression. That if I even get sick with a cold that is a sign of weakness and an insult to Christ. That just peeves me so badly! I just hope non of those people get cancer or some other life threatening illness because they will be so shocked and distraught that they didn't have enough faith and die thinking that way. I look at my DID as my way of staying closer to God. If my life was so perfect I would never need Him and would be living my life totally different. I feel blessed and content in my life. I don't need people accusing me of having demons, saying that I'm walking down a wrong path or I will go to Hell if I don't get rid of my alters. Screw that! My alters are my friends and have been with me through good and bad in my life and I would be lost without them. Too many churches today teach Health, Wealth and Prosperity thinking that it clouds peoples opinions and judgments about mental health and sicknesses in general. I don't want any part of those churches. You either accept how I am and how God made me or just leave me alone.


  1. I am Christian and my boyfriend has DID. I love them all very much. It pains me to see Christians spewing forth so much hate and hurt towards people who have been through so much already. They are wrong and will be judged accordingly. Jesus said not to judge people least ye be judged and this is why. They are so blinded by their religion and so called faith they do not fallow it. God gave you a miracle a way to help you deal with all the pain. I have had Type 1 diabetes for 23 years some one once told me I got it because i wasn't a good Christian. I was 7 years old when I got it and about as devout as could be so who ever started that sickness or anything that is not the "norm" = sin is crazy. My boyfriend and his alts are my family and best friends. I hurt when they hurt and I cry when they cry. No demons here nor any where with DID. Although some alts are bad, but so are some people. Doesn't make them demon possessed, just lost in the world. Although demons do exists and perhaps one or two people with DID have become possessed, I do not know for sure, an Alt it's self is not a demon. Christians are suppose to love and not accusing people who have gone through so much pain. I can only pray for these fools and hope one day their eyes open to the truth of life and miracles. Forgive me for rambling it seems I too am quite sensitive to such non since. It was a very touching blog post.
    God bless you all.

  2. Thank you very much! It sure is nice to have support!