Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why wasn't I there?

I was just given a memory by Ginger and I am distraught. She was sexually assaulted on a trip to Tennessee to see her paramour. She had stopped for gas at night at a off the road gas station to check her oil on her car. These 4 guys followed her out to her car and were talking to her and they started suggesting she come to a party they were having. She declined and then one of the guys pushed her back against the seat and started to fondle her top and bottom. She tried to resist but there were 4 of them and one of them pulled something out of the engine so it wouldn't work. She was getting scared as she was in the middle of nowhere and knew she could be killed or raped. It didn't help that she was very drunk at the time and should not have been driving and also the outfit she was wearing was very revealing. Luckily one of the 4 guys had a conscience and told the other guys to leave her be and to get out of there. So they replaced the plug of whatever in her car and let her go. But not without her feeling like complete and utter shit because the other guy had molested her. When she met up with her paramour he beat her for what "she" had done. She went home to our husband the next day and told him about what the paramour had done but neglected to tell him of the 4 men. She ended the affair with the paramour right then and there after the beating. I vaguely remember the drive home from Tennessee but I do know she was upset at the time. I remember questioning her about what was wrong and all she could say was "he hurt me." I didn't know about the other stuff but begged her to tell our husband because he would protect us.  I feel sick knowing that 4  guys held her captive while the 1 guy molested her. She begged to them to let her go and for a few moments there it was very frightening because they weren't going to. I am upset now knowing this and feel like complete garbage. I guess we will always walk with a neon "V" on our head for men to victimize us.

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