Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome Back

I am so happy tonight! Brett and Wednesday came back to the clubhouse for real! I did my homework from Miss Leslie and that helped them to see I would not be upset with them and we are having so much fun already! I don't ever want to try to integrate again. It was the most lonesome I have ever been in my whole life. Everything inside is noisy right now with their return and everyone seems so glad to see all 3 of us again together. But I don't want Moshie to feel left out so I talked to Brett and Wednesday and we are going to invite him into shadow club boys. I know he doesn't want to sit and play with all the girls! Thomas and Celeste are telling everyone to be quiet and that it is time to sleep now. I just feel to excited to sleep! Big Sherry doesn't know yet and I wish I could wake her up to tell her but Thomas said I am not allowed to do that. Tomorrow is our birthday but even though we don't age we still get to help celebrate! Good night everyone!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Sherry and all in the inner house. :-) I'm glad that Brett and Wednesday are back