Friday, August 5, 2011

Rock me gently.......

So, I was talking to an old friend this evening and she remembers a time when I was in high school and sitting in the sick room just rocking and not talking to anyone. I have no idea who that was in there rocking but it is a consistent theme  for us. When we were in the military and met our husband, he would rock us at night and we were only dating at that time. He knew something was different and fragile about us. When he found out we were DID he wasn't shocked at all as were none of my family or close friends. Anyhow, rocking has always been a soothing motion for us. I have vague memories of rocking myself to sleep as a child and the desire to be rocked was always strong. My fondest memories are of my great-grandmother rocking me and I could hear her voice in her chest while my head rested there. Perhaps that's why we liked to be rocked? I don't really know why my friend bringing this up to me evoked such emotion in me. It makes me feel sad inside knowing there are children inside who need to be rocked. I want everyone to feel comforted and feel safe with me.

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