Thursday, August 18, 2011

Are you there?

So, I have been thinking about how to help Micah and his situation. I'm not sure how to go about it. It was suggested to me in a group of people with DID that perhaps the integration didn't stick. That makes a lot of sense because Micah does not feel that they are part of him and has never felt good about it since it "happened."
The big question now is how to find Brett and Wednesday and get them to come forward and let us know they are still around. I have a big feeling that they both feel like they failed at something and are ashamed of show themselves but they don't need to feel that way at all. I love them as much as anyone else inside and I won't look at them any differently if they should come forward. I am okay with all these insiders. The only thing I ask of anyone inside is to be honest, forthright, and loyal to me. I can't have insiders doing things without my knowledge, with the exception of those who have agreed with my hubby or whoever else is safe to be with wants one on one time. I just want to know. So............Brett? Wednesday? Are you in there and do you hear what I'm saying to you? I won't be mad. I won't be ashamed. I won't do anything but love you like I did before. I see my T on Tuesday and I hope we can accomplish the goal of finding the truth of what is happening inside. I have been going to bed with major anxieties and dread. At first I thought it was because of my little's but it isn't that at all. The middle's know something is up and no one is talking. It isn't fair to Micah for there to be secrets. If they Brett and Wednesday are around I would like to say that I support them. No one is mad. Please let us know if you are still here. Integration's have botched in the past and that's okay because I realize that no one was really ready for that step. We respect that. you are loved like never before. Don't ever doubt that!

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