Friday, May 6, 2011

rag doll by middle sherry

i am a child who hurts so bad
im tired of always feeling sad
why do they hurt me and say i love you
i know in my mind it is not true
i am nothing but a limp rag doll who does not cry
i want to so badly i just want to die
the new people in my life say god loves me
and because of that i am totally free
i want to believe them and feel safe in his arms
but i cant let go of the pasts ugly harms
so now i remain in constant fear
praying for the end to please be near

i should have told grandma that day she asked me. why didnt i? i was too chicken! because of me everyone had to suffer for lots of years of more abuse and stuff. i hate myself and i wish i was never created. i clench my fists because im scared but also because im angry at myself. im so stupid.

1 comment:

  1. Being scared is feeling something that helps you stay safe. You did what you could to try to keep from being hurt.
    It might help for you to know that the person who hurt you was also hurt. You found a good way to deal with your hurt and they didn't.
    Thanks for following your heart to be a good person, even though bad things happened to you.