Thursday, March 10, 2011

Death of Innocence

This is a message to all the pedophiles who may be reading this.

How dare you use a child to satisfy your grotesque needs! How dare you steal a child's innocence in order to quench your sexual cravings! How dare you rip the soul from a child by exposing her to your sickness! How dare you! You thought you got away with it, didn't you? You thought it was just a passing moment in time and that she'd forget. How dare you make that assumption! You thought it was a game, a game where you would come out as the winner, didn't you? You may have won then but now you are the loser! You didn't realize that we would grow up to be women, did you? Women whose vulnerabilities run deep because of what you did! Women who think they are worth nothing but a sexual object. No, you were only living in the moment while we were left to carry the hurt, confusion and betrayal of emotions that we were too young to comprehend! Those of us who grew up and survived what you had done will no longer stay silent and keep your dirty secrets! We will protect our children from the likes of you. We will teach our children what to do when they encounter you! We will tell our friends, neighbors and families about you. We are not afraid of you anymore. You are a coward, a bully, a pervert, an unaccepted human being. We will not seek revenge as we know you will get what's coming to you in the end. Don't get confident--WE ARE WATCHING! You can hide what you did outwardly but inwardly you're a prisoner of your sickness. We are free from the pain, we haven't forgotten, we may have forgiven, and we are STRONG!

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